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Are You Purchasing Or Selling Real Estate In Virginia And Looking For An Experienced Full-Service Real Estate Attorney To Read The Fine Print, Coordinate Everyone Involved, Correct Any Mistakes, And Represent Your Overall Interests?

We Know We’re Not The Only Real Estate Lawyers In Warrenton, And You May Be Searching For The Right Virginia Law Firm To Help You. We’re Different. We Are Highly Rated And Have Successfully Handled A LOT Of Real Estate Situations, Probably Just Like Yours. We Actually Listen, Truly Care, And Will Help You Establish A Real Estate ContractProtect Your AssetsNegotiate A Fair DealEnsure Parties Stay Informed, And Avoid Future Hassles For You.

Why Choose McCarthy & Akers PLC?

  • We Coordinate Everyone Involved – The real estate agent, lender, buyer, seller, and anyone involved in the transaction has access to our real estate software. This cuts out a lot of data input and keeps our clients abreast of what’s happening in real time, so they can actually see what’s occurring and receive constant updates on the transaction.
  • Highly Reviewed & Rated – Named among Virginia’s “Legal Elite” by Virginia Business Magazine. Lead Counsel Rated. Awarded the Distinguished Member designation by the Thomas More Law Center. Highly Rated on Google, 5-star rating on respected legal site AVVO. See some of our client reviews below.
  • Focused Legal Practice – Our firm has always concentrated on Real Estate. Our real estate lawyers do a significant volume of real estate transactions. This is why we have a dedicated staff to process real estate, all of whom understand how the real estate process works. This allows us to offer superior customer service, more efficient service, quick turnarounds, and better results than attorneys that don’t handle such a high volume.
  • Proactive Approach – We help clients to prevent legal problems and mistakes before they happen.
  • Confidential Case Assessment – During your phone assessment, we will listen to you and help you determine your next steps.
  • No Hidden Fees – Know the costs before starting (in most situations).
  • Experienced – In our many years in business, we’ve helped hundreds of families protect their American Dream and real assets with our meticulous attention to detail. With over 1,200 closings per year and upwards of five closings per day, it’s also very rare to see a situation we’ve never faced before.
  • We Take Complex & Difficult Cases – This is where tenacity and knowledge of the law matter. We do what’s necessary, even in challenging situations. Our attorneys have tried cases at all levels of the Virginia Courts, including appeals before the Virginia Supreme Court.
  • Highly Responsive – We strive for “freaky fast” returned client calls. No going dark or waiting days to hear back.
  • Client Education Focused – You’ll get a clear & concise understanding of each step in the process.

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Aspects Of Real Estate We Can Help You With

  • Commercial & Residential Development
  • Land Use & Zoning
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Closings
  • Homeowners Associations

Our Customers Come First

Your needs are our priority. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, investor, or developer, we will help you achieve your real estate goals.

How We Help Buyers

  • We coordinate all aspects of their purchase with the seller, their lender, and their realtors to ensure that everything’s taken care of when they arrive to purchase the property.
  • We review the title report to ensure there are no issues with the title report that could negatively affect the purchaser buying the property.
  • We help buyers obtain title insurance, ensuring that they’re fully covered if something pops up in the future.

How We Help Sellers

  • We coordinate all the aspects of the sale, so there’s very little that the seller has to do or worry about. This includes contacting their lender to order a payoff or mortgage, working with the real estate agents to ensure that everything is aligned for the day of the closing, and ensuring that buyers are performing on their side.
  • If issues arise where there might be a disagreement or a misunderstanding between the parties, we can help mediate conflicts and find a way forward. We take out all the guesswork, so both parties are satisfied, and we can move forward with the sale.

Why Hire A Real Estate Attorney, Rather Than A Title Company?

More often than not, title companies come to us for advice and guidance since we have the knowledge and understanding to make things happen. Cutting out the middleman saves you time and money.

Title companies are never allowed to give legal advice to their clients. Attorneys, however, can advise their clients on the legalities of their transaction or contract. This advice can often help work them through issues that might arise between the different parties.

I Already Have A Real Estate Agent. Do I Still Need An Attorney?

Real Estate Agents are essential parts of the buying or selling process. However, agents are the face of the property being sold, NOT the legalities behind it. Some typical responsibilities of agents include:

  • Assessing and recommending mortgage financing options to assist clients in making the best home-buying decision
  • Collaborating with other realtors to facilitate the faster sale of homes
  • Directing interested home buyers to properties listed for sale
  • Advising home sellers on an appropriate listing price for their property
  • Working with property sellers to make their properties appealing to buyers
  • Hosting open houses
  • Promoting property on real estate platforms
  • Overseeing the closing between the seller and the buyer
  • Observing the code of ethics outlined in association bylaw
  • Preparing property for viewing by possible buyers

Some Essential Things A Real Estate Attorney Can Provide You Are:

  • Advising clients on relevant real estate laws
  • Drafting purchase agreements, title documents, and mortgage contracts
  • Assisting buyers and sellers in closing deals
  • Mediating disagreements arising from the transfer of property
  • Representing clients in court in real estate matters
  • Assisting landlords in rental applications and lease agreements
  • Representing tenants (both commercial and residential) in disputes with landlords
  • Assisting clients in dealing with foreclosure, bankruptcy, and short sales

Client Reviews – McCarthy & Akers, PLC

Actual Words Clients Have Used To Describe Us & Their Experience:

“Everyone we dealt with was pleasant, professional, but most of all compassionate.” “Very nice environment here. We got the help we needed and were pleased when we walked out.,” “Quick and efficient.,” “Great Lawyers for any legal issues you have to deal with. Especially good for real estate dealings.,” “Good communication.,” “Great Service nice people.,” “extremely knowledgeable and professional,” “I would highly recommend him for any type of estate planning.,” “Very professional, realistic and reasonable.,” “I saw Results and Responses in a very timely matter.,” “his Team is just as great as Mr. McCarthy himself,” “Would recommend to friends or family,” “did a wonderful job of explaining our documents and answering any questions we had,” “The entire process was easy and everything was explained,” “I can’t thank them enough,” “Great customer service and interaction with my family,” “Great workers, with terrific manners, appreciate that,” “

If these things are what you are looking for in a law firm, then contact us to see how we can help you and your family.

What To Do Now:

We welcome your questions and want to understand your situation to help you move forward and achieve the peace of mind that comes with having everything done properly and efficiently. Since time is often critical to ensure the best result, contact us now by calling us for one-on-one assistance at (540) 722-2181(540) 722-2181 with your questions, a description of your situation, or to schedule a consultation. You can also fill out the form above on this page. Your form will be directly emailed to our office. You can expect a reply within one business day and often within hours of the same day. All information is confidential.

Our Location

We help families in Warrenton and all throughout the state of Virginia.

Locally, clients come to us from Manassas, Woodbridge, Dale City, Lake Ridge, Marumsco, Gainesville, Nokesville, Quantico, Lock Lomond, Dumfries, Montclair, Bull Run, Yorkshire, Hay Market, Triangle, Sudley, West Gate, Warrenton, Winchester and all of Prince William and Frederick Counties.

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